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Xandau is a fan-made region created by me, Jadefire62, and is the setting of the first part of my fanfic, Aventurine Adventures. Any questions about usage should be directed to my talk page - though if you can find me in chat, that works too.

Geography & Climate

Xandau is a region to the west of the Kanto/Johto continent, and northwest of Hoenn.

To the north, Xandau is very, very cold. While there are few mountains, hills are countless. About a quarter of Xandau's cities and towns reside here, including what many call the Twin Cities, the two biggest cities in the region. Sometimes they get blizzards, especially in the very north.

To the south, flat plains hold many farms, as well as the other half of the towns and cities. There are a few hills near the very southern part of Xandau, but mostly, it's an expanse of fields with cities and towns sprinkled throughout.

Cities & Towns

Aventurine Town

Aventurine Town is where Professor Yew, the Pokémon professor of the Xandau region, lives. Located in the middle of the western-half of Xandau, the temperature doesn't change much, resulting in fair weather for most of the year. When it changes, though, expect severe changes.


Residing in this quaint village are many family homes, where elderly grandparents live with their children and grandchildren. A Pokémon Center is also located here.

(More TBA)

Obsidian City

This city is where the Dark-Type Gym resides. Like most cities, it also houses its own Pokémon Center.

(More TBA)

Citrine City

This bustling city is where trainers come to challenge the Ground-Type Gym.

(More TBA)

Amethyst Town

A small town located on the floor of the Amethyst Valley, known for the quality of it's amethysts. In fact, the townspeople named it after the gem that's of abundance in the Purple Gorge, which is part of the valley. The Rock-Type Gym resides here.

(More TBA)

Jade Town

This semi-big town houses the Grass-Type Gym.

(More TBA)

Serpentine Town

A small town on the outskirts of Howlite City. More of a village, really, it's currently without a Pokémon Center.

Howlite City

Home to the Normal-Type Gym.

(More TBA)


Named after the Chalcedony River, whose shores it's located along.

(More TBA)

Sapphrite City

Located on the slopes of Sapphrite Mountain, it's always cold in Sapphrite City. However, it's also a popular place, full of tourists looking for Sapphrites and skiers wanting to challenge the slopes. Predictably, it's also home to the Ice-Type Gym.

Chrysocolla City



A small village, not that far from Sunstone City.

(More TBA)

Sunstone City

Where the Light-Type Gym resides.

(More TBA)

Garnet Town


Rhodocross Town

This town is home to the Fairy-Type Gym.

(More TBA)

Zoiuna City

A vibrant city, it is home to the Dragon-Type Gym.

(More TBA)



Pyrite City

This city houses the Steel-Type Gym, and is the last stop for Trainers on the way to Jasper Grove and the Pokémon League held there.

(More TBA)

Important Locations & Landmarks

Aventurine Forest

This forest, right outside of Aventurine Town, is home to many Bug and Grass Pokémon, along with some Normal, Ground, and Flying-types. A trail runs straight through the dense trees, connecting Aventurine Town to Roseville.

Amethyst Valley

Named after the deep, rich amethyst deposits residing in the Purple Gorge, Amethyst Valley is known for it's quality amethyst items. When the sun shines directly down in this valley, it fractures in all the amethyst gems embedded in the valley and in the town, throwing purple light everywhere. Located between Citrine City and Jade Town, and the home of Amethyst Town.

Purple Gorge

This gorge, residing in the slopes of Amethyst Valley, harbors deep, rich amethyst deposits. It's how the gorge got it's name, and how everything else in the valley got it's name as well. The gorge itself is not that far from the town.

Amethyst Manor

This manor resides in the Amethyst Valley, a bit apart from the town.

(More TBA)

Safari Zone

Xandau has it's own Safari Zone, where Pokémon can be caught with green Safari Balls. Pretty much any type of Pokémon can be caught here, including every evolution of Eevee. In fact, some say they've seen Legendary Pokémon here.

Malachite Hills

Located in the southern part of Xandau.

(More TBA)

Azurite Bay

The bay that the Chalcedony River empties into.

(More TBA)

Sapphrite Mountain

One of the few mountains in the northern side of Xandau, it's almost always snowing here, rarely getting warm enough for all of the snow to melt. This makes it the perfect home for many Ice-Types, and was named after the many Sapphrite that live here. It's also home to Sapphrite City.

Quartz Mountain

Another mountain in northern Xandau. Not as snowy or cold, but contains much treasure inside. Mines were built to excavate it, but were eventually abandoned. Few trainers come here.

Quartz Mines

Abandoned mines that were dug in Quartz Mountain.

(More TBA)

Gemstone Towers

A set of four towers, three representing an emotion, the fourth representing the balance between them. It's rumored that the Gemstone Trio lives here, one in each of the three emotion towers.

(More TBA)

Blazing Tower

Represents anger/hate. Supposedly, the Red Gem lives here.

(More TBA)

Undersea Tower

Represents sadness/depression, being overwhelmed. People say that the Blue Gem lives here.

(More TBA)

Sunlit Tower

Represents kindness, warmth, compassion. The Yellow Gem possibly lives here.

(More TBA)

Balancing Tower

The tower that "balances" all others.

(More TBA)

Jasper Grove

Where the Jasper Pokémon League is held.

(More TBA)


Xandau has a variety of Pokémon, including new ones and ones from other regions. To see the full list, go to the Xandau Pokédex.

Starter Pokémon

  • Tillium, the Flowering Pokémon (Grass-Type)
  • Colphaus, the Coal Pokémon (Fire-Type)
  • Lakolm, the Eyeless Pokémon (Water-Type)

Legendary Pokémon

The Flower Family

  • Xochiraja, the Flower King Pokémon (Grass/Light/Steel-Type)
  • Xochicwen, the Flower Queen Pokémon (Grass/Light/Fairy-Type)
  • Xochipallio, the Flower Prince Pokémon (Grass/Light/Steel-Type)
  • Xochikatza, the Flower Princess Pokémon (Grass/Light/Fairy-Type)

The Adventurous Duo


Mythical Pokémon

The Gemstone Trio

  • Red Gem (Unnamed)
  • Blue Gem (Unnamed)
  • Yellow Gem (Unnamed)


  • Xanthiose, the Sun Horse Pokémon (Light/Ground-Type)
  • (More TBA?)

Gym Leaders

Kaline - Obsidian City Gym Leader (Onyx Badge)

Sanford Kajo - Citrine City Gym Leader (Beryl Badge)

Valtera - Amethyst Town Gym Leader (Fluorite Badge)

Elowen - Jade Town Gym Leader (Emerald Badge)

??? - Howlite City Gym Leader (Male) (Pearl Badge)

Izolda - Sapphrite City Gym Leader (Iolite Badge)

Araka - Sunstone City Gym Leader (Heliodor Badge)

??? - Rhodocross Town Gym Leader (Male) (Opal Badge)

??? - Zoiuna City Gym Leader (Male) (Zircon Badge)

Temujin Smith - Pyrite City Gym Leader (Meteorite Badge)

The Jasper League

This is the name of Xandau's Pokémon League. Like most, 8 Gym Badges are needed to enter.

(More TBA)

Trivia & Author's Notes

  • Aventurine is a greenish stone, but can also be seen as a twist on the word "adventure".
  • All of Xandau's towns and cities are named after a gem/stone/mineral.
    • Cities & Towns
      • Roseville comes from Rose Quartz.
      • Serpentine is a mottled tan/brown stone.
      • Howlite City comes from Howlite, a cloudy-white stone.
      • Chalcedony is a cloudy-blue stone.
      • The dark green-blue stone of Chrysocolla is where Chrysocolla City's name comes from.
      • Rhodocross gets it's name from two pinkish stones: Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite.
      • Zoiuna is the prefixes of the dark-green Zoisite and the dark/red Unakite mashed together.
      • Prehnville comes from Prehnite, a gray-colored stone.
      • Pyrite is a black/gray/silver stone with a metallic sheen.
    • Badges
      • Flourite is another purple stone.
      • Iolite is a dark-blue stone, much like most Sapphires.
      • Heliodor is a golden gemstone.
      • Zircons come in many different colors, though are usually seen as green.
      • Meteorite is a stone with metallic colors.
    • Other Locations
      • Malachite is the name of a green stone.
      • Jasper is a mineral that can be many different colors, each with it's own name.
  • The northern half of this region was based off Minnesota. The southern half is based off Indiana.
    • This is because I've spent most of my life in Indiana, but now live in Minnesota.
  • (More TBA?)
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