Zeke Oruna's Full name is Ezekeiel, but like Meg, he likes the short version. he specializes in Grass and Fire Types


Zeke has spiky caramel hair that sticks up in odd places. He has pale skin and stormy gray eyes. He wears green framed glasses, a sky blue polo shirt, dark gray jeans, and mud brown boots. He wears a large watch and carries a silver backpack as well.


They are mainly Grass and Fire Types.


Nickname: BlueBlaze

Species: Ponyta

Gender: Male

Moves: Fire Blast, Ember, Tackle, and Flame Wheel

Shiny: Yes.

Current Level: 56


Nickname: Spice

Species: Bayleef

Gender: Male

Moves: Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Solarbeam, and Synthesis

Shiny: No.

Current Level: 45


Nickname: Poncho

Species: Charmeleon

Gender: Male

Moves: Fire Spin, Metal Claw, Mega Punch, Mega Kick

Shiny: No

Current Level: 42


Nickname: Sakura

Species: Treecko

Gender: Female

Moves: Iron Tail, Bullet Seed, Solarbeam, Leaf Blade

Shiny: Yes

Current Level: 47


  • He is based off Lugia's Fire Red game, where she played as a male named Zeke. After restarting the game for interest reasons, he was moved to her Heart Gold game but called Richard. They still had the same Pokemon, though.
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